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Washed Away CD Album (Special Edition)

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Release Date: 29/07/2016

Discs: 1

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Even in the rumor-fueled Hollywood scene, Robert Schwartzman is surprisingly good at keeping secrets. We haven’t heard much from Schwartzman’s band Rooney the past six years (since the group’s 2010 album Eureka), but his radio silence meant nothing. Because unbeknownst to his fans, this LA-based musician and Rooney frontman has been quietly working on brand-new material. After keeping things under wraps for years, this summer Schwartzman is going public with Rooney’s newest album, Washed Away. In many ways, the fourth record under Rooney represents the band’s next act: as an all-inclusive solo project. To call it a labor of love is a serious understatement. Schwartzman wrote, produced, and performed all of the songs himself, holed up in his home studio and making hundreds of tweaks along the way. “I learned that if you keep pushing yourself then maybe something better can happen,” he says of the painstaking process making the album. “I feel like if there’s still potential to do it better, then I would rather work on it than call it a day.” Rather than succumb to the pressures of today’s the near-constant album release cycles, Schwartzman instead intends to make something tangible and long-lasting. Consider this a refreshing antidote to the disposable pop music machine.

1. All The Beautiful People
2. My Heart Beats 4 U
3. Don't Be A Hero
4. Why
5. Washed Away
6. Time Alone
7. Do You Have To Go?
8. Come On Baby
9. Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
10. I Miss You When You're Gone
11. You're All I Ever Need
12. Sad But True